Friday, 28 January 2011

Great Haywood

We're now moored at Great Haywood, where we'll stay for a few days - well Dave will - I'm visiting Mum for a few days, for a family get together - not that Dave isn't family!, but leaving the boat unattended in January with more cold weather on the way is not an option, besides there's Nemo cat to consider (who, by the way, has gone 7 days without falling in the canal, unlike some people).  I have got some lovely photos of  Shugborough Hall and Essex Bridge but I can't download them onto Mum's computer (long story, new phone, no software etc, etc).   I'm busy making soup, some vegetarian, some dairy free, some with onion, some without, while awaiting the arrival of the Frenguelli's - things won't be so quiet then!

However, I don't want this blog to be photo-less, so here's a random one of my Dad, taken many years ago.....

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