Friday, 13 January 2012

Grendon Blog Update - A boat appears!

Within an hour of me posting my last blog, saying how quiet it was here with the lack of boats - blow me a boat turns up, expecting to go up the locks!  Now 'aint that typical when you're trying to black the boat?

Dave went over & had a chat with boat owner and his mate, who at first didn't believe Dave when he told them that the lock was shut and had been listed in the stoppage programme for several months.  After (unsuccessfully) trying to open the padlock on the lock gates with his BW key, blokey phoned BW fazeley Office for confirmation of the stoppage and the news finally sunk in.  He had just bought the boat from somewhere round Birmingham, and was on his way to Middlesex - not this way you're not!  Even if he got up these locks, there's more stoppages en route.  All together now ..... "That's another well researched start to life afloat then".  Friday 13th just isn't his day.
Strangely enough, the boat is an ex-hire boat from Chirk Marina (2004-ish) Dave - the anorak that he is - spotted it immediately as ex hire boat "Jenny".   I know - he should get out more.

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