Tuesday, 22 January 2013

He's not going very far...

The boat Olympus came passed us yesterday from the junction towards Br91.  The ice from the junction as far as our boat wasn't very thick, due to a bit of a flow coming down from Middle & Shadehouse locks, and from where we carved it up visiting the water point the other day - and of course from running the engine in gear for a few minutes each day to break it up.

Sure enough, ten minutes later he was reversing back as he came to a complete halt, the ice was just too thick to break, all the snow and slush had frozen solid on top of what we'd had already.

He didn't even get to the bridge.

He's now moored between the couple of boats behind us - and likely to be here for a good few days yet, especially after last nights freeze, and it seems we're in for a couple more very cold nights before it warms up over the weekend. Fingers crossed! 

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