Friday, 26 February 2010

Motley Crew hit the Two Boats

Waved goodbye to Matilda Rose this morning, Dave's gone with them to give a hand up the locks - these hydraulic paddles seem so much harder to wind, or is it me getting old?  We've had a few days together in Long Itchington, and some very jolly outings to The Two Boats.    Dave's glass is empty, hence the perplexed expression in the above photo!  We will now be heading west on the Grand Union, and MR heading east.  Very nice to meet in the middle and lovely to catch up after almost a year.  I've been able to upload photos to blogsite for the first time in ages, thanks to Graham's USB extension cable, I can now fix the dongle up to the top window and get an adequate signal, simple when you think about it.

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